Cloud Native Services

Providing guidance for every stage of your journey


Optimal architecture that aligns with Enterprise and Business Architectures


Design and deployment of scalable infrastructure on-prem or public Clouds

Application Assessment

Business logic extraction of existing applications and migration path to Microservices

Application Development

Microservices development, deployment, and operations

Data Architecture

Design of Data Architectures that embrace disparate data allowing natural growth at the Edge

Machine & Deep Learning

Near real-time data pipelines for Machine and Deep Learning



Build Applications leveraging Microservices Architectures on Kubernetes. Kubernetes provides the key primitives for building and running Cloud Native infrastructure for Applications. Leverage a Service Mesh such as Istio on Kubernetes for Microservices operations.


Kubeflow Pipelines

Build near-realtime data and machine/deep learning pipelines on Kubernetes for predictions and actions using Kubeflow pipelines. Provide a Data Science workbench with Jupyter Notebooks as a Service on Kubelflow.