Cloud Native Learning Paths

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One of the critical areas of focus, as indicated in our previous post, for us to is to continue to answer how we address the growing talent gap in the market throwing 40 years of computer science out the window.

Cloud Native transformation requires both transforming, injecting insights into Data and the exposure of such Data (actionable insights) near-realtime through massively scalable applications. These two pillars are vast and confusing, especially with added vendor marketing and agreements on definitions. How does one enter these areas from a career standpoint?

As we grow and recruit talent for our R&D and product initiatives, we realized that we spend a significant amount of time scouting and enabling talent from various backgrounds. As a byproduct of these activities, we decided to create what we called Competency Generation Platforms (to be launched soon) which bakes-in our experience as well as address a fundamental gap in training – exposure to real-world experience in a moving target to benefit both career seekers as well as employers.

While CCP (Competency Generation Platforms ) is in development, we are excited to share QuickStart Guides (Structured Learning Paths), where the core requirement is for someone to be proficient enough in a single programming language – College Students or existing Sofware professionals – to begin their journey gaining competency in Cloud Native Architectures and Technologies.

Click Resources -> Learn or Careers -> Learn from our site. Alternatively, view the PDFs below.

  1. Learning Path GPS (single programming language to Cloud Native competency ) –  PDF
  2. Learning Paths
    1. Data Engineering – PDF
    2. Data Science, Machine & Deep Learning – PDF
    3. Microservices – PDF

Links in the PDF are clickable to the respective resources.