Cloud Native Journey for Enterprises

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Path to Adoption

Enterprises adopting Cloud Native technologies require two key questions to be addressed within their Digital Transformation Strategy

  1. Does the proposed web-scale architecture align well with their Enterprise and Business Architectures?
  2. Have they addressed the People variable in the People, Process, and Technology equation?

Open Source as a software factory

The proven pattern over the last decade plus has been

  1. Winning Architectures are defined by Google, Facebook and others who invest in a significant amount of R&D to generate a competitive edge for their products and services.
  2. Open Source implementations of these Architectures (managed by mature governance processes) emerge to help others leverage “the Google way” of leveraging technologies for a competitive edge in new Digital Business Models.
  3. Startups emerge to create products to address Enterprise needs through either open core closed source differentiator or pure play Open Source software delivered via support subscriptions.

Regardless of what models are available, the continuous lack of talent in the market inhibits both Startups building to deliver solutions as well as Enterprises who are finding it difficult to address the Time-to-Adoption metric.

How are we addressing the need?


Our Cloud Native Services portfolio helps an existing Enterprise execute on an already defined Digitial Transformation strategy and roadmap.

Competency generation in the market

For over four decades, we have been servicing our Clients to absorb technological waves to maximize business impact. Through our journey, we have learned that the People, Process, and Technology variables have evolved while at the same time the remaining unchanged variable is People. The generation of new technologies outpaces the availability of talent to leverage these technologies. Our mission is to scout, guide, and groom young talent in technology like how undrafted rookies are spotted, coached and enabled in professional sports.

To address the above, we are building competency creation platforms driven by technologies that close the gap between academics to day one productivity for a student seeking a junior-level job in Data Engineering, Data Science | Machine & Deep Learning (ML/DL), or Cloud-native Applications Development.

Stay tuned for future anouncements!



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