Scale with

Managed Cloud Native Platform

Data Engineering

Build data pipelines for near-realtime applications

Data Science, ML/DL

Build Machine/Deep Learning Pipelines for predictions and actions


Elastic Infrastructure from Cluster and Resource Management to Container Orchestration


Microservices, Service Mesh and API Gateways

Build Data-driven Applications

Leverage distributed architectures for both data and applications to build a competitive edge


Application Services

Develop web-scale APIs that leverage Microservices Architectures, Service Mesh, and API Gateways to deliver near real-time applications.

ML/DL Pipelines

Data at work

Deliver insights, predictions, and actions through Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.


Interlocked pillars to deliver optimal solutions for Enterprises


Scout and groom Talent through our Competency Generation Platform


Data Science, ML, DL, and Application Platform powered by prominent Open Source technologies to deliver highly scalable services


Support Subscriptions for Open Source technologies

Managed Data Platform

Data and Applications

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