Cost-effective and Flexible AI Development Platform. Leverage multiple libraries without lock-in on bare-metal GPUs for Model Training

FlexAI's biggest value are the preloaded libraries and datasets provided for Model Training with low-cost GPUs.

M Reeves Sr. Data Scientist


Not limited to a particular library or platform


Preloaded datasets for experimentation


Integrations with Cloud for easily deploying production Models

Low Cost

Remove limitations due to higher cost for experimentation

Data Scientists, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Practitioners should not have limitations when it comes to experimentation

FlexAI at its heart is about flexibility. When it comes to model development, no single library or framework can provide all required features and performance. Besides, every practitioner is different, and their strengths can be truly unlocked only by what the tools and the respective comfort levels.

Cost should not inhibit model development. Experimentation and iteration should be ideally limitless or at least reasonable when it comes to cost. We have strived to build a platform that provides a low-cost entry for Model development.


Deep Learning

A unique platform tailored to you

Private Beta


Growing catalog of libaries ranging from standard the Python ecosystem to PyTorch, TensorFlow, Deeplearning4j or H2O.ai


Supported programming languages include Python, Scala, Java, Clojure, Golang and more


Integrations for deploying models to production leveraging public Clouds such as AWS, Google, Azure


Use the platform as a hands-on extenstion to various courses such as those offered by Fast.ai

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